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Trendy, Funny, Brave: Interview with Gabi Fresh

We know them all and we love their look! We talked to Gabi Fresh about her style and her beauty secret!

Her curly head and the cool styles are her trademark. Gabi Fresh is probably one of the best-known plus-size influencers of that time. But that’s not all. She also designs really cool swimwear and is also a founder of the Premme brand. She’s a role model for many of us and is doing an amazing job! We talked to the American about her curls and her style:


The Curvy Magazine: What does #createyourstyle mean to you personally?
Gabi Fresh: #Createyourstyle is all about showing your personality and expressing yourself about the way you present yourself – including clothing and hairstyle. It’s what makes you unique.


Describe yourself and your style in three words.
Trendy, funny, brave.


In which moments do you feel particularly sexy?
In a worn out, white T-shirt with skinny jeans and high heels. It’s such a simple look, but I’m so me when I wear it. At home I also like to wear lingerie, all by myself, and then dance in front of the mirror.


Did you always accept your curves, or was that a learning process?
It was definitely a learning process, and it still is. Body Positivity is more a journey than a destination. About 12 years ago I first heard about it, and realizing that I don’t have to hate myself just because I’m not thin changed my life completely.


What gets your curls in shape? Do you have an inside tip?
Moisture products! I wash my hair only once a week if possible, otherwise I use the Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair rinse every day, afterwards I style my hair with the Medium Hold-Gel and also the Gliss Oil for shine and moisture.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von the Curvy am am 21. Feb 2017 um 11:47 Uhr

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Ein Beitrag geteilt von the Curvy am 21. Feb 2017 um 11:47 Uhr


Which five beauty products belong in every woman’s bathroom?
Glossier’s Boy Brow, Sunday Riley’s Good Genes, Fenty’s Ginger Binge/Moscow Mule Duo, Frank Body Scrub and coconut oil.


What is the most exceptional care product you have ever used?
I love Sunday Riley’s Good Genes. It is a lactic acid product that works wonders against pigmentation and wrinkles.


What is an indispensable beauty house remedy?
I use the Korean skin care routine, which means cleaning twice every evening – first with an oil cleaner, then with a foam cleaner.


What color lipstick do you wear during the day? And what makes your lips sparkle when you go out?
I like it straight, nude lips. I love Fenty’s Gloss Bomb, alone or over a matte nude. When I apply paint, it’s usually red.


Which three fashion labels are a safe bank?
ASOS, Eloquii and, of course, my brand, Premme 🙂


What makes you happy?
Spending time with friends, meditating, extensive bathing, podcasts, spa days, watching my fashion creations come into being.


Currently Gabi Fresh is one of the influencers to be seen in Schwarzkopf’s new #createyourstyle campaign. Because on its 120th birthday, the Schwarzkopf brand is heralding a new beauty era with the campaign. createyourstyle combines the expertise of Schwarzkopf and a new era that celebrates individual characters and their authentic style. According to our taste! We’ve also just picked out a few cool care products for you: