© matthew hamilton

Hello summertime! Nice to have you here!

From Saturday to Sunday we had an hour stolen, but we are happy to start daylight savings time!

Spring is officially here, and while we watch the still persistent snowstorm with increasing desperation, we have almost forgotten the time change. Every year she kind of hits you unprepared. Getting out of bed in the morning is generally a challenge in this weather and an hour less beauty sleep is no fun now either, but the days are coming when sunlight welcomes us in the morning and that’s really something to look forward to!

To get up with the light is healthy for mind and soul, and even if one can see us today the hour less sleep, the time change is nevertheless a long desired harbinger of the summer.

Daylight savings time finally brings back the energy! The winterly “crawl out of bed” becomes more lively again and we even manage to motivate ourselves to a round of Pilates on the brightly coloured yoga mat in the morning.

Here are a few tips on how to start the day perfectly and get fit for the summer:

  1. In the morning, first open the curtains, let the light in and make your bed! You’ll see how much easier the good start to the day will be.
  2. Ripen instead of a cup of coffee, but first to a big glass of water! This awakens body and mind and protects against headaches and fatigue. A slice of grapefruit or lemon spices it up and is the perfect’kickstart’ for your metabolism.

Get the body going! Whether with a round through the park, yoga, or just a few stretching exercises. Your body remains flexible and fit and the good feeling afterwards accompanies you the whole day!

  • Fresh scents. A new shower gel, or perfume? Smelling of spring is simply wonderful!
  • How about bright red or pink lips today? We love nude, but what could be nicer in spring than a loud kissing mouth?!


Last but not least: Create a playlist with your favorite uptempo songs! That’s good humour! Remember, no matter how dark and grey it may be today, summer will come! We’ve already done that: