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8 Indispensable Christmas Nerd Essentials!

You prefer fairy-tale-like Christmas lighting to romantic sunsets? Then, this one’s for you!

Each and every year before Christmas, opinions differ. There are two different types of people: fanatics who’d sing Mariah Carey’s as of the end of August – thus, the typical X-Mas nerds. And on the other hand, you have those who give monkey’s, who are not into this sentimental pre-Christmas-stuff at all. There’s nothing in between.

We’ve prepared something special for true X-Mas aficionados: eight extraordinary products, must-haves for every Christmas nerd! From cosy Christmas onesies through festive decoration items to accessories and jewellery in advent design there’s the right product for every taste! Our favourites are toooooo sweet and put a little smile even on anti-Santas’ faces!

The products are available in our shop as usual for instant shopping pleasure! We wish you happy shopping and a beautiful pre-Christmas time!

Translation: Danielle De Bie