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A Cup-Guide for Curvy Women

You like your curves but lingerie shopping drives you to despair? Lea of the online journal Dessous Diary tells you how to enjoy buying undergarments in the future and which brands should be on your shopping list.

For curvy women lingerie shopping is often a frustrating issue: some bras are nice, but do not fit. Some models fit perfectly, but are an optical disappointment. You envy your girlfriends who stop briefly at H&M to buy a neat bra for little money? You’ve already spent a fortune on a bra to regret the purchase only a few hours later? A true lingerie dilemma! If your bra is the first thing you take off when you got home from work, it’s time for a change. Because: lingerie should be joy instead of frustration, it should fit you perfectly, show your curves in the best light and – depending on the occasion – conceal, emphasize, support, seduce.


Sexy Assistant: A large bust needs Fit and Support

Size matters – that’s clear. But the lingerie industry has never established consistent guidelines. In general, a D-cup size is considered a large bust. Voluptuous breasts tend to have a strong gland tissue and they are quite heavy. They can be rounded, drop- or a bell-shaped – the latter means the ampleness lies below the nipples and determines the width there. Usually, large breasts are sagging instead of standing firm at the torso – just because they’re too heavy. Such heavy breasts can cause back and neck pain and headache. A well fitted bra which slightly lifts the breasts and reliefs the shoulder section thanks to good support, can help to avoid physical stress. Characteristics of a big-cup bra are wide shoulder straps, large cups, a high chest band and a solid back, the fabric usually has a firm grip. Sometimes a bra provides lateral supports, these are covered by the cups and lift the breast tissue slightly forward – this streamlines the waist. In terms of styles, underwired bras are ideal – they lift the breasts slightly and provide it a rounded shape. Cups are great too, usually a full cup is recommended. Hands off jersey bandeaus, traditional triangle bras and bustier – they do not provide any support.


The Best Labels for Curvy Ladies

Meanwhile, a few brands have specialized in lingerie for curvy women. These expert brands know perfectly how to combine wearing comfort and fashionable chic. Young women who love vibrant colours and wild patterns find the right bras in Great Britain: brands like Panache, Elomi, Curvy Kate and Freya offer pastel shades, exotic patterns and 50ies looks. The German brands Triumph, Prima Donna and Felina put emphasis on elegance, sensuality and romantic in black, white, nude and red by offering opulent embroideries and lace. More cheerful designs in nostalgic powder colours, pastel and acqua shades can be discovered at Dacapo and Avocado Lingerie from Poland. Those who have sexy and slinky preferences should have an eye on the collections of Scantilly, Panache Black, Escora and Playful Promises: bondage details in “Fifty Shades of Grey“-style, much black, transparency and highly seductive bodies make you want to highlight your curves to the max! Many of the labels mentioned can be found online at Enamora – where you can have a look at the styles before buying them at your specialist retailer.


Proper Advise at the Specialist Retailer

A specialist retailer takes your measurements and recommends the bra shapes and styles which fit you best. One who is more inhibited to visit a retailer should know: you do not only get a great bra – you also get a true self-confident booster, a new passion for your curves, for fashion and sexiness. Complimentary side effects which are worth to overcome the initial shyness!

Don’t hesitate to ask Lea von Dessous Diary any question you might have regarding big cup, plus size lingerie brands and specialist retailers – she’ll be pleased to assist you in finding the perfect bra.

Text: Jana Ackermann

Translation: Danielle De Bie