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Alina: The Princess Of Pop

“What a voice power,” I thought when I listened to the impressive first work.

Alina’s debut album “The Only One” was released on October 20, 2017, emotional and warm, self-confident, vulnerable, confident, melancholy, emotional milestones that have marked her path to this point, packed into music: 16 enchanting pop jewels that are so pleasantly different from the monotony that currently sparkles in the German pop heaven.


Who is Alina? What lies behind the young artist, who has been searching for her destiny for a long time and – despite some detours – could not escape her? In the interview for theCurvyMagazine we got to know her a little better.


theCurvyMagazine: What are your favorite songs of these artists?
Alina: Oh, there are many, especially with Mariah Carey. I especially like her Anytime You Need a Friend, I love the message of the song, the gospel choir in the chorus and the ease with which she sings this song. But I also like Butterfly very much, an absolute late discovery. The song is so complex, takes such blatant turns. From Hildegard Knef it’s downhill from now on, so beautifully ironic. Illusions of Alexandra is a special song for me, it reminds me of my childhood. Michael Jackson’s thriller was my very first album, I was so in love with him, but weren’t we all? An impressive personality. I especially like Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game – such an incredible song, so timeless.


theCurvyMagazine: In retrospect, how do you feel about the three years at the Pop Academy?
Alina: It’s a rough patch in my life because of the many extremes, but it was a great time. It was important to meet other musicians who tick like me, and I learned a lot. I could try a lot, could grow and find out what I really want and found myself artistically. I’m grateful I got to be there.


theCurvyMagazine: You say that after the vocal cord operation you have acquired a new body consciousness – what is the connection between your voice and your body feeling?
Alina: Voice is body and body is voice. My voice reflects everything – how healthy or fit I am, how happy or sad, because the voice is very close to my soul. It is something holistic, body and voice form a unity. I benefit a lot from the time after the operation, because I have learned to look more closely and to feel myself perceive the signals of my body.


theCurvyMagazine: In Spiel unsere Lieder singst du “wir haben an den großen Traum glaubt” – musically your dreams have come true, what dreams do you still have?
Alina: Oh, I also have some dreams musically. I also want to travel a lot, see a lot of the world. To meet a great love, perhaps a little more modestly: I would like to have loved longer, to be longer with someone. And: an own dog, which is rather difficult with my current life plan.


theCurvyMagazine: How do you see yourself as an artist?
Alina: Clearly a pop artist. Pop is the best genre for me because it gives me the opportunity to serve myself from the many genres that flow together here.


Alina is currently working on her second album, which “will be completely different because new topics are occupying me,” she says.