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And the Oscar goes to…. comfy shoes!

With an evening gown, it can’t always be the uncomfortable pair of high heels that allow standing upright for not more than 5 minutes! 

March 4th is the day of the Oscars. Of course, the main questions are which actress will be wearing which dress and who will receive an Oscar. But did you ever pay attention to the ladies’ shoes? No? Okay, we did neither but to the best of our belief, the ladies wear their metres high heels on the red carpet only to then switch into comfy footwear.

As you know: whether at the prom night, a wedding or on Saturday night at the club, we’re always wearing the wrong shoes. But especially with festive fashion, it must not be the uncomfortable pair of high heels. Quite the converse! With these swag pumps you will, without doubt, dance the nights away, without pain, that’s promised! And the best is: they look beautiful – without metres high heels.

And as usual, our favourites can be shopped right away:

Translation: Danielle De Bie