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A/W Trend: New Galaxies

With the official autumn start, a new and spacy trend is entering our wardrobes.

You also know this feeling when watching the starry sky and asking yourself: „Is there something out there”? Mankind’s fascination with the outer space is ever-present and… becoming a true fashion statement this season. Shimmer, glitter, moon, and stars as well as metallic looks – the galaxy trend holds something for every fashion lover. And even in beauty, extraterrestrial looks come around.

The traditional colours of the universe – silver, grey and black – will be enhanced with the help of some catchy trend colours. Soft pink and purple shades, for example, will break the somewhat cool style.

Why we’re in love with this trend? The large variety of products offers a tremendous range of possible combinations and outfit variations. Starters are recommended, to begin with a simple print t-shirt – like worn by Verena von @theskinnyandthecurvyone. Are you a daring trend pro? Then venture striking, eccentric glitter dresses or galactic all-over prints.

We’ve been exploring the galaxy of products and show you a wild mix of our preferred lifestyle and fashion items.

Translation: Danielle De Bie

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