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Beautiful „Dirndl“ Looks for any Type

It’s “Wiesn” season: on September 16th, the 184th edition of Munich’s “Oktoberfest” opened its doors at famous Theresienwiese. The traditional “Dirndl” is a must and we’ll show you how to wear it right.

The world’s biggest funfair in Munich is in full swing: “O’zapft is”! There is no “Oktoberfest” without “Dirndl” – you need some advice and ideas for your “Oktoberfest” look? No problem at all. We’ll show you nine different outfits for any type and taste. The beautiful pieces can be purchased right out of our gallery.



What you should know before buying a „Dirndl“.


A Dirndl needs to fit perfectly, period! It should both highlight your curves and hide your trouble zones. There is a simple rule of thumb: A Dirndl fits perfectly when it does not wrinkle at the waistline and when the straps sit tight. Better to buy it a size smaller than bigger. The fabric will soon adapt to fit the body – you should still be able to breathe, though

The décolleté is THE Dirndl’s eye-catcher. It’s up to you, of course, how much you’d like to show. A blouse with a straight or a high neckline covers your décolleté. It’s most important to choose a blouse which fits the top, that means a square neckline for a square camisole, e heart-shaped neckline for a heart-shaped one.

And because we can’t get enough, we chose some more Dirndls for you. Enjoy your shopping and, as we say in Munich: “LET’S SPEND A PEACEFUL WIESN!”

Translation: Danielle De Bie

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