Beauty Trend Colour: Dark Red

Last but not least… today, we’re showing you the last of this month’s three favourite colours: seducing, dark red!

Red is not only the colour of love. The colour and its diverse shades allow for a multitude of associations. As soon as we lose our summer tan, dark red contrasts beautifully with our pale winter skin and makes us look extremely elegant. While bright red looks easily trashy and fake, a dark red radiates pure seduction, looks glamorous and not loud at all – if it’s well combined.



The rule of thumb is to never exaggerate! Some lipstick in dark red evokes the lips of Snow White and looks very gracefully if you’re wearing no other makeup. Like this, you may upgrade every outfit and provide your look an extremely fashionable touch – even if you’re late in the morning. Get inspired by our beauty favourites in this month’s trend colour! From burgundy through cinnabar up to wine-, ruby- and merlot-red – there’s the right red for every taste! You’ll find more inspiration in our shop!

Translation: Danielle De Bie

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