Black Friday? We opt for “White Friday”!

Cancelled! Why we scrub the “Black Friday”!

Discounts, reductions, promos – on these days, we get pushed over the edge and so does our bristling inbox. “Black Friday” is the magical formula driving the scrimpers nuts. The credit card ready to hand BUT… maybe we should take a deep breath and think about the consequences!

London fashion designer Vivienne Westwood comes straight to the point:

Buy less, choose well, make it last!

In other words: We should only buy what we really need, stuff that survives the next season. Thus, avoid spontaneous purchases and always questioning ourselves why such super cheap prices are possible. Child labour, production in low-wage countries, lack of costly safeguard measures like fire prevention but on the other hand the use of cheap raw materials? Shopping on other people’s expenses is naughty – and after all, it’s a lot better to have a quiet conscience when we watch ourselves in the mirror in our new pants or jacket.

That’s why we opt for ”White Friday“ today! We’re renouncing to fast consumption and bargains as far as the eye can see! And on top, we’re saving the pain of stressful unpacking, fitting and sending back the boxes. Our today’s focus is on sustainability and therefore, we search for sustainable labels – they may cost more but they are friendly to our environment.

Obviously, fast and keen online shopping does not go away. It’s a matter of money, after all. But maybe we should hold our horses on days like these and reflect our consumer behaviour.


Alternative „Death Cleaning”

The new “Döstädning“ philosophy was born in Sweden. It tells us to stop keeping every single knickknack – whether clothes, pots, and pans or other odds and ends. And don’t you worry, you’re not a pack rat once you realize that you hardly part with your belongings! But you will lose nothing by thinking about what you really need before abusing your credit card.

A somewhat cruel but effective idea: Imagine that you’re gone and your family and friends must organize your remains. Free yourself in life and get rid of the accumulated ballast once a year. You live a lot easier by carrying light luggage.

„To get rid of things you don’t need is a relief”, says Margareta Magnusson, who – according to her own statement – is between 80 and 100 years old and who wrote the book Döstädning oder The gentle Art of Death Cleaning. „No matter your age, it helps to clear out your life and to make up a balance on what really counts.“

Translation: Danielle De Bie



Who’s the inventor?

In 2006 the American invention reached Germany – initiated by the technology company Apple, by the way.

The real occasion: The “Black Friday“ follows the fourth Thursday in November when the Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s one of the few occasions when the whole family meets to have the traditional dinner: turkey, sweet potatoes, and cornbread. They spend the following bridge day not only by digesting the delicacies but also by shopping.

The idea of “Black Friday“ was born in 1961 in Philadelphia, where two smart retailers were hoping for customer traffic by offering reductions and discounts. The plan worked well, and the idea spread quickly across the country to boost the Christmas business. And why “black”? Because on that day, even the retailers who were in the red had black fingers by counting the bills at the cash check.

Thus, our credit cards stay in our purses today! We prefer to spend the day with cleaning out our wardrobe which is necessary since ever! Have a fun “Black Friday” or… “White Friday”. Happy Weekend!

Translation: Danielle De Bie