Flower Power

Matching the spring season, we dressed blogger Charlotte Kuhrt in vibrant outfits and raided a flower shop.
Bold colours are an absolute must in spring. Beautiful and bright spring-like colours are the best recipe against the winter blues. When choosing yours, you can be guided by the colours of tulips: powerful red, yellow or orange are the perfect heralds of spring. Did you know, by the way, that bold pink is a colour that we link psychologically to moral courage, self-confidence and dominance? This sounds exactly like the power women who we all want to be, doesn’t it? This editorial demonstrates how to combine these trendy pieces and how to highlight your curves. What’s your favourite look?




Hats off! Blogger Charlotte Kuhrt confirmed only three days before the shooting and came straight from London. Spontaneity was required for this production, since a second onset of winter had been announced and as you could imagine we did not want to shoot our bold spring looks in a snowy landscape. So, without further ado we raided a flower shop to play it safe. Our photographer had found the perfect spot for the editorial in Munich’s Petuelpark. We entered a bus – and on it went. Once there, we had to share the beautiful flower bushes and trees: not only us, but a bunch of “Manga” girls also wanted to take pictures in front of the Japanese-inspired background. At the end of the day our efforts resulted in great pictures and blogger Charlotte Kuhrt left us right after the shooting to catch her train to Hamburg. At this point, we’d like to thank you for your effort and for making the journey.



Produktion: Carola Niemann
Fotograf: Nicolaj Koraus
Model: Charlotte Kuhrt

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