Bon Appétit – Accessories Good Enough to Eat

Sometimes you just need some magic: the Wishing Table!

Earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces, hats, gloves, scarfs and bags, glasses and shoes… the list is never-ending. Accessories come in every possible colour, a multitude of shapes and variations. Sometimes they’re more, then less functional but they share one common thing: every single morning we decide deliberately to wear them. Accessories expressly underline the individuality and personality – and this at first glance.



Our editorial tells a different accessory-story! The fashion spread that is ruled by diversity, abundance, and opulence makes one thing crystal clear: we can’t get enough of them! And we don’t want to conceal the seasonal trend highlights.

Velvet finds its way into our wardrobes by many different pathways. Velvety caps, shoes, and tops can’t be missed this season! Especially velvet shoes in a soft and subtle colour shade like light pink, merlot or fir green combine easily and set feminine accents in your everyday life.

And even the pearl necklace à la Audrey Hepburn or Blair Waldorf quits its conservative image for good and takes the fashion hearts by storm. Worn with jeans fabrics or strong colours the queen of all necklaces appeals elegant and confidently stylish – far from being old!

The accessories of the moment look good enough to eat! And therefore, we introduce you to the most beautiful pieces available in the world of jewellery and accessories – ready for you to shop! And if that’s not enough… there’s a lot more inspiration in our Curvy shop! Bon appétit!

Translation: Danielle De Bie

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