Breaking the Style Laws

A pinch more eccentric? This pattern mix is for bold fashionistas. Endurance of Curvy Supermodel shows you how to wear it.

Pattern mix is not just a summer topic – in fall, the colourful and bold mixing continues. Look how Endurance combines the various prints at perfection. This trend addresses to the bold. If you like it simpler, then opt for just one statement piece and wear it with some classic jeans or a monochrome top. Our look can be shopped, as usual. Get inspired!




Austria-born Endurance (aka Endy) is twenty years old and lives in Berlin. Before modelling, she’s completed the education as a dental specialist. She applied for Curvy Supermodel thanks to her wonderful partner who motivated and encouraged her, as she says: “He helped me to love myself just the way I am”, and this is what Endy wants to pass on to other women. During her time with Curvy Supermodel, she made a great friend who has become sort of a sister to her. “This experience did not really change myself, but it made perfectly clear that I want to achieve many more things in life”, states the 20-year old.



Some Facts about Endy:

My favourite beauty products are castor oil, coconut oil, and almond oil. Hey, I’m rather #TEAM NATURAL, baby!

My favourite clothes are crop tops and a dress of Sally Sahne.

I can’t live without water! It’s the best skin care, after all!

What I like about myself is my skin, my face, my eyes and my but, of course.

What I dislike about myself is my lower belly and my knock knees.


Production: Carola Niemann
Photographer: Christoph Musiol
Hair & Make-up: Peggy Kurka
Model: Endurance

Translation: Danielle De Bie