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Be My Valentine – Das perfekte Date-Outfit

4 looks and 3 styling tips for you to take any heart by storm.

The notorious Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Commercial kitsch day? Big time! But: regardless the dating game you play throughout the year, Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity for you to pull out all the fashion stops. And it’s not about who you’d like to impress. Do it for yourself above all! And only then, you should think about your friends and crush.

We’ve created four beautiful looks for any type:



And on top, these three styling guidelines help you to create the perfect look for your upcoming date:

1. Creating Highlights

You’re in love with your waistline, your butt or your breast? Great! Accentuate these beautiful parts of your body with eye-catching highlights: a tight dress to highlight your curves, a skirt to draw the attention to your waist or a pair of tight pants to bring out your butt.

2. Showing Off some Skin

What counts: do it tastefully without exposing too much! Show off your ankle with cropped pants, your shoulder part with a Carmen blouse or a cut-out dress. But do not exaggerate – leave it to one’s phantasy!

3. Wearing Heels

You never can go wrong! Even a kitten heel provides a better and more confident attitude instantly: they stretch your body and let you look taller and your legs longer. A pair of awesome pumps or ankle boots makes it easy to be attractive.


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Translation: Danielle De Bie