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Head over Heels – The Finest Scarfs Finest for Winter

4 scarfs, 4 looks! We show you the perfect winter wrap!

Icy temperatures often need more than just a heavy jacket. No reason to be sad! We show you a selection of awesome scarfs keeping you warm and setting standards at the same time.

Sad and true? Not you! Snap your finger at the weather! Unfortunately, many winter jackets have a somewhat mousy look. A scarf works wonders – it’s the best way to bring colour to the wintery rat race. Just mind one thing: choose a scarf that doesn’t look too heavy and that aids your outfit. The different scarf variations offer the perfect style for each taste!



Small Scarf Guide


The cravat scarf is a trusted classic, especially among men. But that doesn’t mean that women can’t wear it! Wrap it tightly around your neck, let the fringy ends fall straight down. This scarf type looks very chic. But heads up! In combination with an elegant outfit, the scarf may easily look tame.


The oversized scarf is the evergreen of neckwear. The cravat scarf’s ”big brother“ is usually twice as long and wider than its short equivalent. It’s either worn with both ends falling straight down or one end around the neck. Absolutely timeless and uncomplicated!


The loop scarf is a piece of cake! Since it’s got no ends we must not worry about how to wrap it around our neck. Just put your head through, et voilà! But look you: loop scarfs may easily look too massive because the neck disappears between the layers. Mind the right proportions.


The XXL scarf is the best companion on colds days. No other scarf keeps you so warm. Thanks to its size it resembles to a plaid. Thus, why not wear the scarf like one? Simple drape it widely over the shoulders, leave more fabric on the right shoulder and drape it casually over the chest.

Translation: Danielle De Bie