© Linda Leitner

The Autumn Season’s Coolest Coats

Just in time for the start of the cold fall and winter months, we’ll be showing you the trendiest coats of the season!

Coats are all about warm colours this fall. While last year was dominated by subtle shades such as grey, light blue or soft pastels fall/winter 2017 gets bold!
Especially earthy shades like ochre, chocolate, moss green or beige are not only fashionable eyecatchers in the cold months to come, they can also be combined easily. A tone-on-tone styling matching the colours of your total outfit looks extremely elegant – especially in light colour shades – and feminine.


Are you rather about bold style mixes and daring colour combos? That’s the beauty of this year’s autumn coats: even the most sophisticated fashion hearts will be delighted! Since most of the seasonal trend colours move rather around the same colour family, you can enjoy total creative freedom for the rest of your outfit. Warm colours always work with earthy shades – leggings in vibrant orange or the favourite jumper in glaring red? We love it!

The less confident fashion victims will also find their happiness: subtle dark grey, deep blue or classic black remain a trend. You’d like to meet the season’s trend but eye-catching pieces are not your thing? Then, dark green or a subtle brown shade might be right for you! Have a look at our favourite pieces and get inspired!

Translation: Danielle De Bie