Things the World doesn’t need!

Currently, Asos is a treasure trove of the weirdest stuff – with 20% discount on top of all!Okay, I admit it: Sometimes, I’m not so much into working but rather into surfing the internet for some crazy stuff. “Research” is the magical word that heals my guilty conscience. My favourite period for doing this is the time before Christmas – there’s a lot of silly stuff out there, I can tell you!

Especially at Asos, I’m making quick finds. Besides great clothes, the category “gifts” is a treasure trove of cool, fun and absolutely (un)practical things. And that’s why I’d like to introduce you to my top 9 of things the world doesn’t need somehow!

My recommendation against absolute boredom at the office is the colouring cat book and the Lasertag game. These are crucial for a dull day at the office, aren’t they? No less important for the office is the backscratcher with the integrated pen – suits kinda every single office resident.

An absolute must for the next girls’ night out is the ”McLovin Corkscrew“. It’s a guaranteed eye-catcher, I’ll promise. Or how about a voice changer for the next cranky call?

And here are my personal Christmas highlights, like the “Santakini” (cool for the Christmas party, isn’t it?), the “Pud-Head Christmas Game” and my absolute favourite… the Christmas turkey hair band. Things the world does absolutely need! 

And I have another good news for you:
Right on time for Black Friday, as of November 23, you get 20% off for your purchase at Asos. Just enter the “win20” code and buy useless stuff without limits! My 9 favourites are waiting for you as well. Have a fun shopping!

Translation: Danielle De Bie