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Editorial: In Full Bloom

This is how you get spring into your wardrobe!

Colourful flowers embellish every sad day. If it wasn’t for the intensive care of the plants.
But you don’t need a green thumb to create a spring feeling with your favourite flowers on your trousers, coat or as embroidery. In our April issue editorial we show you floral outfits:


Those who rely on full flower power can expect appreciative glances. However, a complete look with a floral pattern should not have more than two different prints. You like it a little quieter? Then combine your favourite floral part with monochrome basics that create a calming influence on the pattern mix. Individual flowers, for example in the form of embroidery on jeans jackets or as a brooch, provide small moments of happiness. Fresh make-up is just as much a part of styling as flowing fabrics and gaudy accessories.

All the looks from the editorial can be re-shopped immediately – pick your bouquet of clothes together!