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Editorial: White Dream

White clothes for curvy women? Oh, yeah! We’ll convince you of the White Dream!

In summer we are so not in the mood for dark clothes. The brighter and airier, the more good mood we have on summer days. The “All White” trend is particularly popular this year. Unfortunately, many do not dare to follow this super trend, as they are afraid that it could be applied. We want to convince you of the opposite and have therefore put four different women with different figures into a dream of white. But don’t think it’s about wedding dresses right now. We adapted the All White Trend into everyday life and produced a wonderful track with the bloggers Caterina @megabambi.de, Tanja @kurvenrausch, Chris @chlencherei and Nadine @curfashion:



For white clothing, make sure it is cotton or linen. Especially on hot days you don’t sweat. In addition, the clothes should always be cut a little more airy, but by no means baggy. Cause that really adds up. And don’t be afraid of white pants. With the right underwear this is no problem at all. To be on the safe side, you can always carry a stain-pen in your handbag in case a stain gets lost.

All looks from the editorial can be reshopped here: