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Editorial: Workout

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A day at the office can be exhausting. Rushing from one meeting to another is not a satisfying sporty balance. That’s why you should try to move as much as possible. Sports like swimming, running or yoga are beneficial, especially when stuck in an office chair all day. And therefore, we’ve collected some cool sports looks for you:




And that’s not all: we’ll introduce you to some swag exercises that relieve tension and which can be done at your desk:


Scalene Muscle Stretching:

Sit on a stool or chair, your legs slightly apart. Keep your feet at shoulder width on the ground. Stretch the spine by pushing the crown of your head to the top. Lower your shoulders, retract your chin and move your head to the left without turning. Stretch your right arm down until you feel the scalene muscles expanding.


Shoulder Relaxation:

Put a hand between your shoulder blades. Grab your arm with the other hand below the elbow and pull slightly down. Change sides subsequently.


Wing of Ilium:

Sit comfortably on the anterior third of your chair’s seat. Your feet at shoulder width stand firm on the ground. Open your legs to forming an angle of about 60 degrees. Your knees should point to neither left nor right but to the front. Shift your pelvis forwards and then your breast forwards-upwards for a light hollow back. Then, move your pelvis over the sit bones backwards, thus unroll, and form a round spine. Repeat the exercise slowly 10 to 15 times.



Sit up straight, bend your arms slightly, your hands hang relaxed. Now, form a round back. Raise your shoulders, like if they should touch your lobes. Retract your head slightly. Do not look at the ceiling but straight or close your eyes. Now, tense all muscles. Important: breathe slowly and regularly.

Let your shoulders and head sink down after about 10 seconds until your chin touches your breast. Try now to place your right ear on your right shoulder while the chin remains stuck on the breast. Repeat on the left side. When you’re finished, sit relaxed and observe the effect the exercise has on your neck.

Translation: Danielle De Bie