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Evergreen Stories – Jeans

Round 3: Today, we’d like to celebrate the solid blue fashion wonder.

On May 20, 1873, mercer Levi Strauss and tailor Jacob Davis patented a pair of riveted trousers with pockets, a novelty. The original jeans were made of a sturdy, brown coloured canvas, the so-called “brown duck”. They were worn by gold miners, factory workers, farmers and cattlemen throughout the North American West. Finding denim a more suitable fabric for work-pants, Strauss and Davis began using it to manufacture their blue, riveted pants – the birth of what we know as blue jeans.

It’s in the 50ies that jeans had their breakthrough: with the movies “The Wild Ones” and “Rebel without a Cause” – their heroes, Marlon Brando and James Dean, became sex-symbols, their look turned into a universal sign of individualism and protest – and was adopted by the rebellious youth culture. Over the decades, jeans have become an indispensable garment, an all-time favourite that belongs to any wardrobe. What’s best: jeans are THE unisex garment.


The Right Fit

Boyfriend, boot cut, cropped, skinny, straight or tapered – the various fits make jeans the most diverse garment. On top, it comes in many different washes and fabric variations:

Raw Denim: The denim fabric is just dyed, not washed afterwards. The fabric stays “raw” and has a strong feel.

Stone Washed: he denim fabric is washed by adding pumice stones. The wash results in a worn-out look.

Bleached Denim: The denim fabric is washed with pumice stones and chlorine until it is bleached and almost white.

Colored Denim: The denim fabric is woven of coloured yarns to provide a true-colour look.

Used Washed: Due to the treatment with pumice stones and chlorine as well as sandblasting damage the fibres. The result is a destroyed look.

Skinny and high-waist jeans highlight feminine curves best. If you’re short, high heels are a must to keep the proportions. Darker shades let the legs look slimmer while light colours are quite unflattering. But: Anything goes, as long as you feel comfortable. Just try the various fits and colour shades – you’ll certainly find your personal denim favourite and become a jeans expert.


The Right Styling

Anything goes, the sky is the limit! Just combine your jeans with pieces that suit your mood. What’s beautiful: a total denim look, with jeans shirt and jacket. Aside from that, we like combinations that break conventional fashion rules, they provide some edginess to your office look, for example.


Here, you can discover our personal jeans favourites:


Translation: Danielle De Bie