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Evergreen Stories – The Little White Tee

Everyone knows, wears and loves it. But where does it come from, our much loved white t-shirt?

The original white t-shirt was called „undershirt“ because it was a pure undergarment that was only worn underneath – in past times it was socially unacceptable to wear it visibly, it had no fashionable significance in society. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Since nowadays we love to wear it just with a leather jacket or solo, in summer especially.

The white t-shirt gained popularity after World War 2 in particular: The rebellious movie icons Marlon Brando and James Dean wore just an „undershirt“ in some of their movies. That had an erotic flavour back then. In the following decades, the “undershirt” overcame its reputation of functional wear and became a commonly accepted fashion item. Finally, in the eighties, it advanced to the unisex garment that we know today.



The traditional white tee has a round neck (or crew neck) that is pretty much close to the neck. Especially women favour a lower round neck. The V-neck, for example, has gained popularity in the past years. Furthermore, the top has two short sleeves that go straight until the elbow. The t-shirt’s name originates from its T-shape patterned on the human body.



A white t-shirt opens any possible styling door, just because it’s a multi-talented allrounder! It breaks a business suit, for example. Worn with a leather jacket and a pair of jeans it provides an edgy look à la James Dean. Combined with a culotte or a skirt it plays the girly card in summer.

On top of this, the white t-shirt is the perfect base for a good layering look. You can wear it underneath a V-neck sweater, a shirt or a dress with spaghetti straps. Just give it try!


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Translation: Danielle De Bie