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Evergreen Stories – The Leather Jacket

For the love of leather. Our fashion classics enter the second round.

The leather jacket’s history begins about 100 years ago in the US. Goodbye button tape! The Schott company caused a stir with its revolutionary leather jacket design – an everyday garment today, but back then a real sensation! The so-called “Perfecto” started its career as protection gear for motorcyclists. Its distinctive marks: black Nappa leather, an asymmetric zip, a variety of useful pockets and a quilted lining. Thanks to Marlon Brando, wearing Schott’s Perfecto in his 1953 Hollywood movie “The Wild One”, the jacket became an icon within no time. Movie-rebel James Dean and punk rock icons such as Blondie, the Ramones or the Sex Pistols followed Brando and step by step helped to turn the jacket into a fashion classic.

What Makes The Leather Jacket?

The jacket’s appearance refers clearly to its functional roots in motorcycling:
Thanks to the asymmetric zip the front parts overlap to protect the bikers against a cold airflow. The lapels can be fixed with snap buttons to prevent them from fluttering in the wind. The jacket is at hip-length to enable the wearer to sit comfortably, the belt attached to the edge prevents the wind to penetrate. Two front zip pockets allow for warming the hands. Any shoulder flaps, silver-coloured metal details, buckles and zippers at the sleeves serve for decoration.


The Right Styling

Anything goes! This leather jacket is an all-rounder. In reminiscence to its origins you could wear it with just a white t-shirt, a pair of distressed jeans and boots. That’s extremely casual and easy-going. But we love the jacket worn the unconventional way with light fabrics and feminine accents. Wear it, for example, with your favourite dress, with culottes, a skirt or a jumpsuit. What counts, in general, is to leave enough room to the jacket for it can shine. Therefore, match the colours of your outfit to the jacket.


Colours and Materials

Today, the original black leather versions are complemented by jackets in any possible colour today. By opting for dark and basic colours, you get close to the original look that provides an androgynous and rocking appearance. Light shades let you look softer and more elegant. You can choose from a wide range of different leathers: Nappa, suede or faux leather. What counts for any material: rigid leather qualities feel armour-like, they keep their shape and hold your shoulders and upper body. At the same time, they can look tough and masculine. Softer materials make you look more feminine by following your natural silhouette.


Here, you can find our favourite leather jackets, all ready for being shopped:

Translation: Danielle De Bie