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Evergreen Stories – The Trenchcoat

Always hot! Today, we’ll introduce you to an all-time fashion icon that goes with every occasion.

Where does the allrounder come from? From military. In 1897, Thomas Burberry created the weatherproof cotton fabric called gabardine. The solid and breathable twill fabric represented the ideal basis for the soldiers’ uniforms then. Burberry attracted a lot of interest – the coat became a firm component of the British army gear. The trench hype lasts to date and enriches our wardrobe.


What makes a Trenchcoat?

Four features define the unmistakable look of the fashion icon:
The double button tape in the front traditionally consists of six to ten specific buttons. Unfortunately, the beautifully patterned horn buttons are about disappearing to be replaced by simpler button types. The cape collar, the additional fabric layer attached to the shoulder part, facilitates the rain to run off. The waistbelt highlights feminine curves and accentuates the silhouette. The buckle aesthetic often returns on the sleeves. In past times, the shoulder tabs carried insignia whereas today they show as subtle epaulettes.


The Right Styling

What counts in general: stay cool! You may wear the trench open and knot the waistbelt loosely in the back. A closed button tape takes away the casual look. Too cold for you? Put one side of the coat on top of the other and fix them with the belt – perfect for the trendy layering look, by the way. What’s great with trenchcoats is that they are true all-rounders. They allow you to masterly upgrade your office-chic look without losing the casual lightness. In combination with a sporty-chic look, you’re perfectly dressed for a shopping spree in the city. Are you going out for dinner? Wear it with your favourite dress, elegant pumps and a sophisticated bag. It can’t be better!


The Colouring

The original trenchcoats were mainly beige and khaki coloured. To date, these are the most popular colour shades. But many more colours, patterns and fabrics are waiting for you! Leopard print, suede and vinyl are real eye-catchers. A light coloured trench worn with a dark coloured outfit gets even more attention. Loud coat colours and patterns suit subtle outfits better. If it gets too wild, you risk looking tacky. But: your creativity is king. The versatility of this evergreen – beyond seasons – guarantees longevity in your wardrobe. And trust us – you will love your all-rounder for sure!


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Translation: Danielle De Bie