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Fashion Trend: Statement Socks

Why socks are this year’s best gift… big time!

You don’t want your favourite summer shoes to disappear in the depths of your wardrobe yet? Statement socks are the perfect solution this in fall! The colder season has officially started and with a heavy heart, we must wave goodbye to our cherished favourite pieces. But we’ve got some good news for you: your summer shoes, at least, are excluded to the rule and may still be may be worn for some more weeks, because: statement socks are the trend of the season and give your outfit the extra something colour and pattern! Why we’re in love? Chunky socks allow for wearing open shoes on cold autumn days… freezing impossible!

Pattern & Colours

l: Socks by Études Studio; Shoes by Dries Van Noten r: Socks by Études Studio; Shoes by Deux Souliers


What, in fact, are statement socks, you may ask. Well, your imagination defines the limits. Bright rainbow-coloured, monochrome, flamboyant prints or motto inscriptions – socks provide your outfit a touch of colour. Currently, we’re wearing socks of all kinds and colours. Extremely audacious: the mix of shoes and socks of different patterns! The combo of socks with bold prints or patterns with eye-catching shoes may seem like an overdose – only at first glance, since: no guts, no glory is this fall’s motto!


Sports Socks

l: Socks by Mother Jeans; Shoes by Ganni r: Socks by Vetements; Shoes by Marc Jacobs


If you don’t feel comfortable with this new trend yet or if experimenting is not your cup of tea, just opt for classic tennis socks, to begin with. They see a serious update these days: statement prints, brand logos or the classic in pastel shades come in brand new interpretations – the selection is huge. Tennis socks match perfectly with sneakers, by the way, for a sporty look, but also with pumps, to give your elegant outfit a fashionable.

Translation: Danielle De Bie


Produktion: Patrick Pendiuk
Fotografin: Anja Prestel