Feature: #Diversity

Diversity – a term that is popping up frequently and that has become a favourite topic of brands, magazines and media. But: What’s really behind many-sidedness and does it always mean “being different“?

We chose this term deliberately for our special to illustrate the versatility of different characters, style directions and people. And during an entire weekend, we felt it and therefore, we wanted our editorial to be the mirror of this feeling. Together with Caterina von Megabambi, Claus of Extra-Inches, Rona Florina, Stella Sieger as well as with Verena and Sophia of theSkinnyandtheCurvyOne we’d like to show that it’s irrelevant how someone looks like, which style one prefers, if one is a woman or a man, if a person is curvy or slender – the only thing that counts is to feel good about yourself and to be proud of who you are.

Diversity is important! “Being different” as well! People should not look the same and media should stop showing the same kind of “human prototypes” all the time. There are so many diverse individuals out there, to us this is the most normal thing on this earth.




In the upcoming weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to become more familiar with our bloggers. We’ll introduce each one of them, video interview included. Thus, be curious! And don’t forget one important thing: #celebratethedifference

Translation: Danielle De Bie