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F***in‘ in Love with Denim – Our Spring/Summer Favourites

Discover with us the fanciest denim styles of the season.

At least since our October issue’s jeans editorial and the recent Evergreen Stories feature it’s not a secret that we’re madly in love with denim. But that’s not enough! To underline our enthusiasm for the iconic blue fabric we’d like to show you some of the fanciest denim styles of the upcoming spring/summer 2018 season: denim has so much more to offer than the regular skinny jeans.


Our Styling Tips


  • The more prominent is your denim piece, the less flamboyant should be the rest of your look to give your favourite piece enough room to shine and to enthuse.
  • It’s all about the right combination! If you’re wearing high-waist jeans, chose a short jacket instead of a long one to keep the right proportions.
  • Skinny jeans and high-waist jeans are the best options to highlight your curves.
  • Jeans in dark colours and washes stretch your legs optically. Unfortunately, light colour shades let you appear bigger.
  • A total denim look works well with a top and a bottom in a same shade or wash. If you like it more prominent, you could wear a light top with a dark bottom.
  • We can’t repeat it enough: fashion lives of stylistic inconsistencies! Therefore, please, dare to mix different styles, just pay attention to a harmonious colour mix.


On top of coloured denim, we’ve found some styles with charming details. Here you get to our favourites that are waiting for being shopped:

Translation: Danielle De Bie