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F/W Trend: Fluffy & Delicate

Heavy knits and delicate skirts are THE declared dream team in the fall/winter season 17/18.
Ensembles of matching colours are particularly beautiful.

If we’d care about traditional fashion rules, this article shouldn’t have been written. The article interferes the common fashion rule saying that skirts made of delicate fabrics are not for knitted sweaters. My eye… they do! Extreme contrasts are extremely appealing since… opposites attract. Thus, the thicker and wider the sweater, the more delicate and lighter may be the skirt. Ensembles combing a top and a skirt in matching colours are particularly beautiful.

This particular trend imposes one simple rule: no rules! Wear a floating pleated skirt with an XXL hoodie for a super casual look! Heavy knit or cable stitch are welcome too. As diverse could be the skirts – waterfall, pleated or delicate chiffon styles … paired with opaque tights they’re perfect, also in autumn weather conditions. We’ll show you our favourite pieces and wish you happy shopping!

Translation: Danielle De Bie