F/W Trend: Top-to-Toe Velvet

Elegant, chic and cosy at once: This season, we’ll be wearing velvet from top to toe again.

Already during the Renaissance period, the beauty and elegance of velvet was much appreciated (from Greek hexamitos meaning 6-thread). While at that time velvet was rather made of silk, it’s made of cotton today. Already in fall 2015, the catwalks saw a comeback of the finely woven fabric. And only two years later – in fall 2017 – velvet is more popular than ever! And there are good reasons:

The shimmering pieces allow for diverse variations and combinations: velvet all-over worn with sneakers and a bomber jacket for a perfect everyday look, or a velveteen dress to visit a theatre performance or a bar… the sky is the limit!
Particularly popular this fall: velvet pantsuits in blue, emerald, soft pink and burgundy. Velveteen two-pieces come also as sporty outfit with jogging pants and sweat jacket.

Velvet is a perfect match with knits, denim, leather and cotton. If you still have your doubts on wearing this special fabric, just start simple with a velvet choker or a cute bag. Thus, as you could see, it’s an unavoidable trend this season. Why not go shopping with your best friend? Get inspired by our beautiful selection:

Translation: Danielle De Bie