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Get to know: Verena & Sophia of @TheSkinnyandtheCurvyone

The #Diveristy series continues! Today: Verena & Sophia of TheSkinnyandtheCurvyone.

„The Skinny and the Curvy one“ is the blog of the two friends Sophia Faßnacht and Verena Prechtl! It’s where they show inspiring fashion photos demonstrating that women should no longer be pigeonholed as ”too thin“ or ”too big“. We’ve had the pleasure to invite them to our “Diversity shooting and to have a video interview with the two of them.



Verena Prechtl is “The Ciuvy One”. The blog is proof of her sense of hottest fashion and lifestyle trends. She likes to write about the Body Positivity Movement, teaches her readers to love their body and shows sets a good example: in lingerie on a silk sheet or in evening attire in Munich’s city – Verena proves each day that beauty does not know a size and that she feels 100% at ease in her body! Her blog is a treasure trove of valuable lifestyle, fashion and beauty tips and at the same time of personal articles about various topics – sometimes serious, sometimes entertaining.


Her Motto: Be yourself, Babe!





Ladies & gentlemen, “The Skinny One“ aka Sophia Faßnacht. Together with her best friend she travels the world, talks about her experiences, wishes and dreams – always wearing the best looks of the season, of course! And, en passant, the blogger masters her demanding medical study – letting her readers assist. To her, blogging is the best balance to the study, and it pays off: Sophia and her friend Verena belong to the most successful bloggers of the moment!


Her Motto: Having the nerve always pays off!

Translation: Danielle De Bie