Go Nude!

Conservative? What an old hat! Lingerie in nude shades is about to win our hearts. Because the soft colour shade can look very sexy indeed. Ladies and gentlemen… let’s raise the curtain for some nude facts.. 

Together with Christina of Curvy Supermodel, we’ll show you sexy and seductive underwear in nude shades. The times, when they were conservative and boring passion killers are long gone. Nude coloured underwear is becoming a trend and what’s beautiful: it’s still functional. But see for yourself and get inspired. The lingerie featured in our editorial and much more can, of course, be purchased immediately.




24-year-old Christina comes from Altdorf close to Nürnberg. Besides working as a model, she is a deputy branch manager at Lidl. She participated in Curvy Supermodel to challenge herself and to try something new but also to encourage other women to believe in themselves. Thanks to Curvy Supermodel she learned how to love herself the way she is and to gain more self-confidence. “I met so many confident women and had such a great time. I will never forget this experience.”



Some Facts about Christina:

My favourite beauty product is the children’s cream by Kaufmann for the lips. The best care ever!

My favourite garment? Can’t make up my mind. Currently, it’s a red summer dress.

I can’t live without my mobile phone! It’s too bad…

I like my hair and my face.

I don’t like my legs so much.


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Production: Carola Niemann
Photographer: Michael Leis
Hair & Make-up: Evangelos Tzimikas
Model: Christina Porstner

Translation: Danielle De Bie

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