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Goodbye Pale Lilac, Hello Big Bang: Our Ultra Violet Darlings

The New Year is to set fire to violet! We’ll show you how to style the 2018 trend colour at its best.

In 2018, the Pantone colour institute supersedes last year’s Greenery by the new trend colour Ultra Violet. It gets away from spring fever and fresh apple green to mystical purple. The vibrant trend shade reminds us the seemingly endless night sky. So? Are you already dreaming?

Ultra Violet comes not out of nowhere, just think of Prince’s 80ies hit Purple Rain. Music legends such as David Bowie and Jimmy Hendrix had also a crash on violet. They aimed at dissociating themselves from existing social conventions and expressed their non-conformism excessively. Well, purple suits men too!



But enough history talks. You’re probably asking yourself how to style the new trend colour best. At first glance, the shade seems difficult. It’s because we’re more familiar with colours like black, white or grey. But, don’t despair, there’s hope! The violet range available is just huge: according to the red or blue share, the actual shade comes out warmer or cooler.

Combined with gold or metallic shades you can achieve a futuristic-like look. If you like strong colours, green and yellow contrasts are the right thing for you. You prefer subtle looks? No problem! Black, white and grey raise the Ultra Violet’s shine – and let you make a smart colour statement. Indulge yourself in an extra dose of colour at the beginning of the year! Come on!

Let’s show you, how beautifully the colour of the year works with your wardrobe – it’s only a click away:

Translation: Danielle De Bie