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F/W Trend: Khaki

Has everything gone green? Not all of it, since khaki will be entering your wardrobe this fall. We’ll show you the coolest looks in the trend colour and they’re ready for shopping.

Alles im grünen Bereich! “Greenery“ wurde vom Pantone Colour Institute zur Trendfarbe 2017 auserkoren. Ein frisches Apfelgrün, das Frühlingsgefühle ins uns weckt. Und wie passt das jetzt in den Herbst? Khaki ist die Antwort.

Green is on the rise! The Pantone Colour Institute selected „Greenery“ as the 2017 trend colour. A fresh apple green which makes us feel like spring. How to fit it into fall? The answer is simple: with khaki!

The colour of the moment, an earthy yellowish green, is the perfect companion on cold autumn days. At first glance, khaki reminds us the army and the uniforms of soldiers – not synonymous with femininity. But the dark tone is everything but a camouflage colour, it can be a true eye-catcher… if some criteria are met.

Khaki flatters especially darker skin types. But thanks to khaki’s countless nuances, everyone can find the perfect colour’s shade. Not too strict: very light and thin materials and garments like skirts and dresses break the colour’s strict image and provide a feminine touch, such as flowing scarves and delicate jewellery. If you still have a sceptical view of the green shade, simply start with one statement piece such as high-heel or a clutch bag.

Which colours match? Black, white and grey are a guarantee for success. With earthy nuances like beige and camel, you can’t go wrong in autumn. All those courageous dare a total look – a good combo is a be-all and end-all to not look like an officer. Our insider tip: light pink. A soft contrasting colour provides the essential freshness and the female touch.

You’ll find our favourite pieces in the khaki trend shade here:

Translation: Danielle De Bie