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In Perfect Shape: How to get through Fall with Layering

Always one jump ahead … cool layering looks to cope with the variable weather conditions.

Warm at noon, cold in the evening? Our tip: layering. If a light jacket is not enough while a winter jacket is still too much, just dare to combine them with each other! A bomber jacket under a trench coat or a leather jacket under a parka makes perfect sense. Depending on the weather conditions you can easily add different layers underneath: a turtleneck under a V neck, a knitted cardigan over a shirt. The commonly named onion look is a sure master of flexibility: whenever it’s getting too warm, get rid of one layer. As soon as it gets colder, just add it again. It’s as simple as that!

To make layering look good on you, start with a basic piece as a first layer. This way, you’ll make sure the colours matching. An important detail: the outer layer (parka, trench coat, fur jacket etc.) should have enough volume to make sure that all you’ll be wearing underneath has enough room and does not bulge or tweak. A well-made layering look will attract many glances and make fall a lot of fun!

Translation: Danielle De Bie