It’s raining, man! Cool Rain Gadgets meet Wet Days

There’s no such thing as bad weather – there’s only bad clothes!

After a relaxed weekend, nobody wants to get up early and go to work. And when the weather is wet and cold, life feels even more miserable. To help you prevent the lousy-weather syndrome, we’ve put together a wonderful range of different colourful everyday-assistants bringing good vibes on a sad and rainy day. Because there’s no such thing as bad weather, there’s only bad clothes.

Good-spirits-tip number one: colour! The typical rainy weather is often quite sad – and rainbows are as scarce as hen’s teeth. And therefore, you can’t do without colourful, printed umbrellas on a lousy rainy day! They do not only protect you against wind and weather, they’re also true eyecatchers – and even more fashionable if you change them daily to make them match your outfits. But also rain ponchos and capes can brighten up a rainy Monday: a rain coat in bright pink makes you rather think of cotton candy than dark clouds!


Some of us have the freedom to choose at what time they leave their home. But what to do when you need to walk the dog three times a day? There are funny and practical gadgets for you too to make the day a bit more entertaining. Times when dog owners had to face the tedious process of drying their dog after the walk can relax – there are rain ponchos for dogs these days! Isn’t it handy?

Our absolute favourite though is the waterproof notebook! Because a walk could be the perfect occasion to meet Mr. Right. And to avoid the phone number to blur and the coffee date to fall through, we desperately need such useless things! Don’t you think?

And of course, the classic of all rain gadgets cannot be missed this season: rubber boots are as trendy as ever! Our favourites are… coloured, what else?! The yellow style of Hunter puts a big smile on our face, even on a rainy morning! And there’s the right footwear for the fashion girls too. Rubber boots must not be flat these days, trendy styles with block heels are on offer too! Lousy weather is no longer a style killer! And there’s even a solution for sneaker lovers who can’t do without their favourite shoes when it rains: galoshes! How could we survive without these?!

We’re nearly looking forward to the next rainstorm, aren’t we? More styles and accessories are available in our shop!


Translation: Danielle De Bie