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Let the Spring Begin: Springlike Sneaker Trends

If we believe the calendar, spring is here at last – the right time to exile our winter boots and to show our ankles again.

Spring‘s back again! According to the calendar at least! The sun is shining and the cafés set up chairs and tables on the sidewalk – the best reason for leaving our well-heated homes to enjoy some time outside. We’d love nothing better than getting out the hippie dress from the depth of our wardrobe to go dancing in the streets in our summer sandals… well, almost!

In time for the arrival of spring, winter made it back! It seems like it’s got difficulties to wave goodbye. But we don’t give up hope and keep on dreaming of spring! Because when the days get warmer and we can leave our worn-out winter boots in the hallway, our feet are looking forward to airy ankles and to wearing the coolest sneakers of the season.

Is there anything better than walking through the transition era in a pair of stylish kicks that are stylish and comfy at one go. The best a sneaker’s got to offer?! It’s a one for all! During the day we handle our day-to-day business in soft pastels while we’re stealing the show to every disco ball in metallic statement kicks at night! The motto of spring: any form, any colour! Preferably in velvet with a sole XXL or a fancy lacing! 

Trend colour? The soft shades are our favourites, this time. Lilac, soft pink, light blue and mint make our springy heart beat faster and make us think of sorbet, fresh flowers and coffee klatch in the sun with the girls. Too quiet for you? Never mind! The variations in colourful patterns are your thing or a coloured XXL ribbon to lace your favourite sneaker!

The traditional black sneaker and its white sibling are and will remain evergreens but must sit on the substitute’s bench this time, their multicoloured team-mates play in the first squad this season! Thus, catch your best friend and go on the search for your sneaker favourite! We’re in love with the new trend colours of Adidas’ Gazelle and Campus collection, by the way. They’re a top priority on our shopping list for sure!

Translation: Danielle De Bie