© Simon Alibert

Look of the Week: City Vibes

We show you the perfect look for your next city visit!

Do you know it too? Every morning you stand in front of the wardrobe and have nothing to wear. It’s usually not the clothes, but rather the inspiration. That’s why we’re showing you our look of the week:



Hurry back to town? Shopping, going on an ice cream with your best friend or running some errands? For a quick city visit we have our look of the week in the classic Black & White style for you today. However new and modern interpreted!

Our absolute favourite is the beautiful bast hat with dark ribbon with flower motif. The hat and the mirrored sunglasses protect you from the current sunlight and with the light, airy trousers you are perfectly dressed for your city visit in summer. The cut of the pants flatters your thighs. The delicate white top rounds off your outfit. A handbag for your wallet, shopping list and smartphone is a must. The Cross-Body-Bag in black with fringe pendant is the perfect companion here. Go out into town and enjoy the summer.

In cooperation with C&A