Look of the Week: Kelvin Harris

We’ll show you how to recreate the cool look of Kelvin Davis!

Do you know that too? Every morning you stand in front of your cupbord and have nothing to wear. It’s usually not about the clothes, it’s the inspiration, that’s missing. That’s why we show you our look of the week. This time by blogger Kelvin Davis.

“As long as it’s warm and cuddly, it doesn’t matter what it looks like.” Do you sometimes feel that way in winter? In the morning in the semi-darkness the motivation in front of your closet is really low, so that you usually just reach for jeans and a sweater. You can’t do anything wrong with that, but it’s not particularly exciting. In just a few steps you can turn your normal casual look into a real trend look! We don’t want to take jeans and sweaters away from you! The weather in winter is often uncomfortable enough – so at least your outfit shouldn’t be! As always, the devil is in the detail. Because you only need the right accessories to take your look to the next level. With the lace-up boots you’re not only well prepared for the snow chaos that’s currently raging out there in some cities. They also look super cool. But the key piece of the look is the hat. A felt hat is the quickest and easiest way to immediately improve an outfit – so you look much more stylish! The only thing missing is classic elegant wool coat and you can not only defy the weather, but also look really good!