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Cosy at Home: FeelGood LoungeWear

Who says sloppy?! We show you how to cut a fine figure on a lazy day at home.

The days get shorter while it gets uncomfortable outside: snow, rain and cold oblige us properly to stay at home. The party fever that is ever-present in summer seems completely gone.

We want it cuddly, we want it warm! In our favourite pyjamas, knitted socks and our cosy blanket we stay on the couch all day. And that’s just fine! Because cold days are the ideal occasion to relax and unwind. Simply do nothing and chill, read a good book and drink hot chocolate. A day like this works miracles and is probably the cheapest wellness holiday in the world.

The perfect loungewear look doesn’t follow any guidelines yet it should be comfortable. What’s important is a matching colour combo and a good fit. Stay in the same colour range for it looks even more relaxed. Very important: your clothes shouldn’t be too tight or even tweak, a loose fit guarantees some extra feelgood atmosphere.

Here, we show you our cosy loungewear favourites. Discover a larger selection in our shop.

Translation: Daninelle De Bie