Michael Michalsky X Happy Size

A few weeks ago we were guests at the Happy Size Event in Hamburg! We talked to Michael Michalsky about the cooperation!

For the 20th anniversary Happy Size presents a cooperation with the internationally celebrated designer Michael Michalsky. To this end, the company invited to Hamburg. At a great fashion show we could see the collection for the first time. And of course we don’t want to keep that from you:





We also had the opportunity to have a little interview with Michael Michalsky:

What crossed your mind when Happy Size asked you to cooperate?
I was happy to see you. I’ve known and observed happy size for a long time. It’s a modern, good brand. Their quality standards also go well with MICHALSKY. That’s why I found the idea to work together mega.

How would you describe the collection?
The collection is stylish, exciting and trendy. Wide cuts and muted colours are out. I wanted to create modern looks that can be worn and combined for any occasion. Hence the name “7days”.

Is there a particular type of woman for whom the collection was created?
My collection is for everyone who is spontaneous, fashionable and self-confident. Just anyone who wants to live.

How do you see the future of Curvy Mode?
I don’t really like the term “Curvy”. That tempts me into thinking in drawers and I fundamentally reject that. I believe that we will make no difference in the future. Happy Size discovered the trend very early and helped to shape it.

Does it make a big difference to design Curvy Fashion?
Of course you design cuts and use fabrics that caress, but basically the thought is the same in every one of my collections: I want to dress people beautifully and modern.

What’s your favorite part?
People keep asking me that. And every time I have trouble answering. When you design a collection for so long and put your heart and soul into one thing, you simply love all the pieces.

And of course we have selected our highlights of the collection for you to shop again immediately: