Monki & Camilla Engström: Stylish t-shirts
for self confidence

Monki & Camilla Engström
© Monki & Camilla

The Swedish fashion brand Monki encourages female power. With its new campaign called “Monki Festo” Monki wants to support young women and therefore worked together with the illustrator Camilla Engström

Result of this partnership is a t-shirt collection about self-love and self-confidence. Engström chose her art character Husa to be represented in four scenarios which are familiar to many of us. The idea behind Husa? “Hush was a counterreaction to my former job. There I had to draw lots of fashion figurines”, explains Engström.

The illustrations are printed on four t-shirts with four different slogans. The encouraging messages are “Stay zen”, “Do it”, “Speak Up”, and “Love it”. These shirts can be bought in all Monki stores in Europe and Russia from mid of May.



Translation: Danielle De Bie

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