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Motley Crew! Spring’s Trend Colours

These are the trendy colours in spring 2018!

We’ve already introduced you to Ultra Violet, the 2018 trend colour. The Pantone Colour Institute published an entire colour trend report for spring 2018. We’re showing you the top 12.

“The desire for colour and individual expression play the main part in spring 2018“, says Pantone Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman. The following trend colours are supposed to convey fun, exuberance, optimism and self-confidence to our wardrobe. A fresh colour-breeze is waiting for you! But see yourself:


Cotton Candy

Ash Rose, Pink Lavender, Almost Mauve

The earthy rose shade, Ash Rose, the soft purple-pink Pink Lavender as well as the light Almost Mauve, that almost recalls a petal, are an unbeatable delicate trio.
The three pink shades match with many other colours. Particularly beautiful is the combination with grey, crème, brown and black. And combining the threesome with each other can also be as heavenly.



Nile Green, Lime Punch, Meadowlark

The light Nile Green is refreshing, the loud Lime Punch sets lemon-like accents and the vibrant yellow shade Meadowlark is convincing thanks to its intensity.
Citrus fruits’ freshness is available for being worn. The lemony shades match with denim, olive green and black. Worn with silver, grey, brown and beige shades they look extremely elegant.



Blooming Dahlia, Rapture Rose, Cherry Tomato

The Blooming Dahlia shade seduces thanks to its subtle appeal and understatement. Rapture Rose takes you to a romantic word in pink. And the intense Cherry Tomato brims with warmth, energy and zest of life.
We recommend sorbet shades for highlight-pieces in combination with off-white, black and nude. They work with each other too but together they may be a bit loud for the every-day-life.



Palace Blue, Sailor Blue, Ultra Violet 

This cool trio is a fatal attraction: Palace Blue is a bright blue, filled with energy. The dark Sailor Blue wakens the longing for a day at the sea. Ultra Violet, the colour of 2018, completes the group with its dramatic charisma.

White, black, beige and silver are the blue shades’ best companions. Violet matches best with shades of grey, brown, creme and black – they make the trend colour shine brightly.


Did you fall in love with one particular colour? Here, you’ll find the prettiest products in this spring’s trend colours ready for shopping:

Translation: Danielle De Bie