Must Have: New Fashion Items for Spring

April showers bring forth May flowers… NOW, these items are a must in your wardrobe!

Spring is as moody as the April weather. But it can’t spoil our party! Once the first sunbeams kiss our skin and the flowers begin to sprout, we’re ready! With the beginning of spring, spring cleaning is also on the to-do-list. Don’t forget the wardrobe! What it exactly means? New clothes!

Best is multi-coloured, and loud, filled with happiness, exactly how we imagine spring (or how we wish it should be like). Our absolute must-haves are pastels and light fabrics. It means for our wardrobe: black shirts and thick sweaters out! Except for shirts with floral prints, because there can’t be a better statement in summer. Okay, stripes are another option that can’t be missing this season! But is there anything better than walking through the sunshine in the city and enjoying life in a striped dress? Nothing! Verena of @theskinnyandthecurvyone agrees and wears her new C&A dress with the first sunray. We LOVE!

But enough talks! Our favourite pieces and must-haves for spring are waiting for you to be discovered and shopped:


In cooperation with C&A 

Translation: Danielle De Bie