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#Nobodyisthesame: Sheego Launches New Campaign Relaunch

May brings everything new! New logo, new claim, new brand philosophy: We present the Sheego campaign #nobodyisthesame!

Everyone is different and that’s a good thing. This is the motto of the relaunch of the fashion company Sheego in May. For the summer of 2018, Sheego presents herself confidently, confidently and with a lot of charisma. We took part in the campaign shooting in Hamburg and felt exactly that. Fashion expert Miyabi Kawai, journalist Paula Lambert and influencers Charlotte Kuhrt from @beautynotsize and Christine Chlench from @chlencherei joined Sheego’s clients in front of the camera to celebrate not only the female diversity but also the growing self-confidence of curvy women. In the video we show you how much fun the girls had on the set of the Sheego campaign:



Dr. Sven Axel Groos, Chairman of Geschäftsführung Schwab Versand and responsible for für the Sheego brand, is enthusiastic and explains the background: “The relationship to real life is our top priority. We do not construct an unworldly beauty image, but celebrate femininity in all its facets. Plus size is not a size category, it’s a Lebensgefühl: #nobodyisthesame.”

This is why the new Sheego fashion will be tailored even better to the needs of different curved silhouettes in sizes 44 to 58, and the website will also be redesigned.

In order to anchor the message #nobodyisthesame lastingly with the customers, it will also take place further shootings and styling actions up to the end of the year. The highlight will be a pop-up store in Hamburg and München with hands-on activities and an exclusive brand experience. Of course we will keep you up to date.

More impressions of the shooting of the Sheego campaign can also be seen in the slideshow, as well as on the Instagram accounts of sheego and us.


In cooperation with Sheego