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Premme: Gabi Fresh and Nicolette Mason start their own Fashion Label

No more boring cloths for curvy women! Gabi Fresh and Nicolette Mason started their own fashion label: Premme.

Many plus-sized women consider Gabi Gregg aka Gabi Fresh and Nicolette Mason

true fashion icons. Because the curvy ladies aren’t afraid of showing what they’ve got and they give a damn on the size they wear. Both are convinced: being fashionable is not a matter of size.

But, of course, Gabi and Nicolette know about the curvy beauties’ difficulties to find fashionable pieces. Because many labels count on the size zero trend still. That’s about to end right now – at least with Gabi and Nicolette! The ladies from Los Angeles have started their own label: Premme.


Everyone deserves to wear fashion forward clothing!


But, one thing at a time: the two journalists got to know each other on the internet more than ten years ago. Gabi and Nicolette quickly realized: we’re on the same wavelength. The two women felt deeply connected through their mutual interest for fashion and feminism as well as through their blog. During the past five years, Gabi and Nicolette had been consulted by many international top labels, in addition they have collaborated with several plus size brands. But somehow, they were still missing that certain something – and that’s the gap to be filled with their own label.




The idea for Premme was born from the love of fashion and from the fact that the fashion industry has still got to learn a whole lot in this respect – especially in terms of desires and needs of plus-sized women.

„We founded Premme out of our own frustrations with the limited options in the plus market and our love of fashion” explains Nicolette towards “The Curvy Magazine”. “We find inspiration in street style and runways, and wanted to bring that same look and feel to the size 12+ set”. Nicolette is convinced: “We’re all about offering interesting statement pieces, and want to give people the tools to self-express through fashion. It’s all about having fun!

Gabi also is fully behind her label and its message. And the successful blogger is very clear: it’s time to re-think. “We believe people of all sizes deserve access to fashion forward clothing, and don’t believe in outdated fashion rules”, she states towards “The Curvy Magazine”. “We want Premme to be the go-to destination for stylish women who want to stand out.“



Wanna know what fashion-conscious curvies can find at Premme? The current 2017 summer collection offering cropped tops, tight dresses and much colour. Because: shy and reserved was yesterday. Now, you’re free to show what you’ve got, ladies!

Right here, you’ll find our favourite pieces! No worries if some are sold out, there’s more to come soon!

English Translation: Danielle De Bie