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Don’t be Afraid of being „Simple! Pretty Basic – A Declaration of Love

We’ll make you discover that less is more indeed.

Trends come and go – what lasts? Timeless basics. No kidding! Too often, the term ”basic” often evokes associations with a lack of a sense of fashion or inspiration. An allover basic look is limited to essentials, that’s true, but… does it class with dressing simply and uninspiring? As if!

Looks coming with an overload of patterns, colours and fabrics quickly appear artificial and plastic. If you strive for such an extravagant look, the play with fabric qualities, patterns and colour shades must be at your fingertips! But believe it or not: looking good with less is the bigger challenge after all.

And this is when the beloved basics come into play. They’re timeless and work always. You’ll be wearing them for your whole life, unlike trend items that go out of fashion after a few seasons only. A clean chic that comes with clear silhouettes and precious materials makes you a winner in the midst of fashion chaos.


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Small details make a big difference: so kann layering, a belt or the way you’re tying your shoes, you’re wearing your socks or tucking your shirt into the pants. These are the type of details adding that little extra to a basic look.

And if you still feel too “simple“, you may, for example, just wear a statement piece of your choice with your basic outfits like awesome shoes, an epic bag or some jewel layers.

Here, you’ll discover all you need from tip to toe to create your perfect basic look! Don’t be afraid of being “simple”!

Translation: Danielle De Bie