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„Primarily, I think, these Comparisons should stop” – Interview w/ “Lu zieht an“

We spoke with Luciana Blümlein about her beginnings, bodyshaming and her role model function.

Her blog belongs to Germany’s best-known plus size blogs. 50.000 follower from all over the world frequent her Instagram-Account. Luciana Blümlein aka „Lu zieht an“ is an inspiration for many women. Simply because the likeable young woman from Hamburg is a trendsetter and proves that you don’t have to be a size zero to dress stylish and sexy.


The Curvy Magazine: What has been the reason for starting your curvy blog?


Lu zieht an: „Basically, it was not meant to be a plus size blog. Eight years ago, the topic didn’t exist to this extent, really. It naturally went this direction over the years and to me, it was obvious to be a part of this.“


You’re a role model for many plus size women. How does it feel for you?


Lu zieht an: „It feels just fantastic. Especially, when you receive the confirmation in form of comments, emails or even by letter. Knowing that I’m able to make a difference makes me feel proud and happy.“


Do you have any tips for more self-esteem?

Lu zieht an: Primarily, I think, that these comparisons should stop. And this counts for every area of life. There’s always someone more privileged. Exactly like there’s somebody who is less fortunate. People should focus on their own life. And realize that it is perfectly fine to be just the way you are. That’s none of others’ business.“


How do you cope with body shaming and criticism?

Lu zieht an: „I’m strictly against body shaming and speak up when I observe it. Unfortunately, many still think that body shaming is a one-way street. Whereas slim women also get hauled over the coals. With regards to myself: most criticism is destructive but constructive. I won’t hear of it. Whereas useful criticism, I take to heart and try to make the best of it.”


Where’s your favourite shopping spot?

Lu zieht an: „I’m not a great shopper, really – I already mentioned this on the blog. I’m very fortunate to still find many things which fit me in regular shops. Therefore, I do not depend on plus size stores only. In general, I buy some stuff at H&M but I like a few online shops as well, such as Asos, for example. You’d find many high-end pieces in my wardrobe, because I feel it’s important to show that curvy women should not focus on cheap cloths. In this category, I’m a big fan of Marina Rinaldi, but can also recommend Navabi, who offer a large choice.”

English Translation: Danielle De Bie

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