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Rolling up our Sleeves and Making a Statement: Talking about THIS Trend.

One who’s making a statement, knows exactly what’s what. He declares, recognizes or sends a message. No ifs and buts.

Since long ago, statements not just come as words. In the fashion world, personal messages are sent through printed shirts, large belts or striking necklaces. And as of now, our sleeves become eye-catchers too: with slits or ruffles, or trumpet sleeves, anything goes. Exceptional sleeves adorn blouses, dresses, jumpers, shirts and coats, just everything we could possibly wear.

But how does it look in plus size? Is beautiful clothing with statement sleeves also available for plus-sized women? Yes, plus size labels did pick up this trend to create the most beautiful pieces.


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Day or evening, office or party, statement sleeves are always a good choice – the sky is the limit.

When I’m wearing wide sleeved-shirts, I make sure they depart from the ell-bow. This way, you avoid that puffed sleeves make you look like a big balloon. On the forearm, the embellishments look elegant and stylish.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von the Curvy am am

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Ein Beitrag geteilt von the Curvy am


Thus, this is exactly how curvier women can apply this trend. You only need to find the piece which perfectly fits you.

Roll up your sleeves and… go, girl, go!


25 years old Stella Sieger is an actress and curvy model from Munich. She loves fashion and enjoys playing with her femininity. “No matter if slender, normal or curvy, we all can be fashionable and elegant!” As a guest writer, she wants to show you how beautiful both fashion for ‘normal’ sizes and fashion specially made for curvy women can look on a size 42/44. Get inspired by Stella! 

English translation: Danielle De Bie