© Sabrina Holland

Santa Claus is coming to Town! Extraordinary Boots and Booties

He’s making a list, and checking it twice…!

Today, we celebrate Santa Claus! Traditionally, it’s the day when kids place their boots outside the door for „Santa“ fills them with sweets and small gifts overnight. Of course, we’re no longer kids and prefer to put our boots in the closet, to make sure they’re nicely warm the next morning. But why not taking back our childhood dreams and make small presents as well?

How about a pair of fancy winter boots? Because the cold season is more about functionality than sophisticated design, isn’t it? Santa Claus seems like the perfect opportunity to show you our favourite boots – which guarantee a perfect styling during the holiday season! And who knows, maybe you will find a sweet tiny thing in your beautiful new boots? Since not even Santa Claus can resist our favourites – and he’s the one who’s in the know!

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Translation: Danielle De Bie