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Sarina Nowak: The ex GNTM Model turns up the Heat… in new Curvy Mode

Most remember Sarina Nowak from the fourth season of Heidi Klum’s “Germany’s Next Topmodel”. At that time, the lively blond looked somewhat different. Cautious, Ashley Graham (29), you’re facing hot competition from Germany. With her sexy curves Sarina Nowak (23) is currently causing a stir. Whether in a scanty bathing suit or an elegant evening dress – the beautiful blond is a curvy star. Hard to believe that just a few years ago, Sarina used to be a skinny model. 2009 Sarina took part in “Germany’s Next Topmodel” and took the sixth place in the competition. But Sarina has been tired of starving. Lo and behold! A few more kilos led to success. Today, the 23 years old works as a plus size model and is extremely successful.

Currently, the cheerful blonde is the face of the Anna Scholz for Sheego campaign. Anna Scholz is considered a major ambassador of the curvy style, she lives in London where she works as a designer. After the collaboration with curvy model Angelina Kirsch, who has been the previous collection’s face, Sarina tread in her footsteps.

In her interview with „The Curvy Magazine“, Sarina explains why she prefers a few pounds more and why seh’s turned her back on Germany.

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„I no longer wanted to be skinny because it was too tough for me, and everybody kept on saying that I needed to lose weight,” remembers Sarina, who always had wide hips, even as XXS model. Nevertheless, she tried to lose weight – with only modest success. “I’ve gone through a senseless torture, simply because nobody could understand that my natural physical build was just different”.


Sarina makes a decision –
against starving and for her well-being


Today, she wears a size 42 and is completely satisfied – with herself and with her body. “Finally, I can be my own self and this makes me happy”, explains the 23 years old confidently, while stressing that she did not gain weight because of modelling.  “I did it for myself. But, of course, it’s a beautiful side effect that the one is not excluding the other and I therefore can continue doing what I like most.”

Meanwhile, Sarina made Los Angeles the centre of her life. In the mecca of the rich and the beautiful she’s found what she’s been looking for. “I always wanted to go to L.A. for the whole bunch of opportunities it offers”, says Sarina. Admitting however, that she’s had some difficulties to cope with the new start far from home. “Everyone wants to be an actor or a model – but I just wanted to take the opportunity. And moreover, the curvy market is far bigger in the US than in Germany.”

On Instagram she shows what she’s got on offer – and it goes down well. “My fans’ feedback is great – they are mostly girls and women who like what I do and support me on my way”, Sarina says. Of course, there are negative comments, but these leave her unaffected. “Many people are just jealous or bored”, she assumes. She tries to ignore haters and keeps her chin up. “I’d like to be a women’s role model. The slimness craze of the fashion industry shouldn’t have that much impact on anyone. We, women should be self-confident and feel at ease with our body – regardless what it looks like.”


English Translation: Danielle De Bie


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